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Improving Learning Motivation in the Hills Region, Case Study : SMPN 3 Pringkuku Pacitan

Foster students' motivation developed in hilly areas is not easy, the problem of distance, the psychology and accommodation are key issues in the implementation of activities in the learning especially facing junior high school students. 

Therefore, it needs the right strategy in the School  Base Management   at SMPN 3 Pringkuku Pacitan. 


Departure for school students who travel long distances with difficult terrain is a barrier for students to go to school on the other hand strongly discourage schools for students to riding a motorcycle. Then the school provides a solution by working with public transport to deliver students to and from school. Schools provide subsidies for students who are less capable of normal transportation via public transportation drivers as well as the coordinates of school attendance.

Two advantages of this activity that increases the income of public transport drivers and increase student participation in school. While maintaining traffic order in traffic  and safety reading.


Teacher attendance on time and perform tasks on a predetermined schedule is an example of discipline educators. the discipline of teachers and administrative personnel educator be  able to create a climate of discipline in schools. So as to shape the behavior of student discipline at school and at home.

Culture clean and healthy living.

Net culture starts from the cleanliness of each class by announcing a class where the cleanest and dirtiest, every student is obliged to maintain cleanliness and hygiene school class so that competition can be established in a positive competitive. This behavior is brought students to the home and the neighborhood that affect the behavior of the surrounding community.


Mental attitude is the basic ingredient of the formation of aberrant behavior of students who have a certain.  Neatness hygiene habits of order and discipline used daily in the school so that it becomes a necessity so grow positive  mental attitude and uphold the ethical values that are useful to them in the future.

Obstacle distance is not a barrier for learning activities

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