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Competitive Advantage Vocational School Case Study: SMK PGRI 3 Malang

Build the competitiveness of graduates vocational school students, is not just output  of the skills and knowledge of but rather on how to develop  their “whole personality”.  As performed in SMK PGRI 3 Malang, succeeded in winning the competition of student competences East Java province (LKS 2014)  has a key strategy in building students' competitiveness:

Character Building 

Character  is the basis of the formation of student competence, they must be able to control their emotions and behavior  especially in socially at school. With good self-control they are expected to have the ability to build working attitude and work culture. Attitude and work culture is a provision for them after graduation and worked as a professional in the business and industrial world.

Especially in the global competition of character is the only indicator of the performance of employees and entrepreneurs,  because  of the quality of the performance can be known  characters  as well as a personal identity of the employee's own.

Competency Base on Curriculum  Standard  
Curriculum standards are used as a reference of learning activities in vocational high schools through school curriculum standards this is running process of learning activities with competencies that can be recognized nationally as well as quality assurance organization of school activities.
Whereas as identity and core competencies of the students of this school are also developing local curriculum that is used as the competitiveness of the school. From the uniqueness of this school and core competencies in the end can be known in the world of industrial society. As well as a provision for students to be competitive.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage of the students is the process of forming the character of habituation forming mental attitude, hone job skills and build knowledge areas of expertise. with this provision of the students are expected to be ready to work as a professional and become entrepreneurs as well to prepare them to be capable human resources and unable to compete in the future global competition arena.

Indonesia will become a strong country if supported human resources reliable and rely on his own abilities as well as to compete in the international world.  To develop  a reliable human resources through vocational education as on the SMK PGRI 1 Malang.

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